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Data Analytics

From planning and designing to deployment and implementation, our first-class approach guarantees you to gain the most value out of your data. HYVE provides a wide range of Data Analytics services ranging from traditional ETL implementations to advanced machine learning and AI solutions, which help our customers solve a wide variety of problems and transform their organization. 

Data Warehouse Implementations

We assist organizations benefit from a high performing data warehouse by offering a full range of services, including consulting, development, migration, and support. Our team specializes in Data Warehouse implementations built on top of market leading DW Appliances and DB Servers such as IBM DB2, IBM Dash DB, IBM Netezza Appliances, SQL Server Data Warehouse, SQL Server Enterprise, and SQL Server Azure Data Warehouse. 

Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics

Through Data Mining, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics, our solutions provide business users with advanced reporting mechanisms that improve the decision-making process greatly and help predict future performance.

Data Management

Creating a unified enterprise-wide data strategy and implementing a Master Data Management solution ensures that our client’s data is unified across all systems.

Data Transfer & Quality

We provide data transfer services (ETLs) and Data Quality Services to ensure that data is moved from source systems to the Data Warehouse in the most efficient way, removing duplicates, correcting errors, and standardizing formats. At the same time, data cleansing is performed to achieve optimum reporting results.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Using top reporting tools, our highly visual reporting solutions provide users with a unified reporting portal with preset reports, covering various business scenarios. It also works as a self-service reporting platform, allowing users to create their own reports.

Big Data Solutions

By unlocking the vast amount of data hidden in the unstructured data sources, our solutions unlock data that was previously inaccessible through traditional BI Solutions.

Our Data Analytics solutions cover a broad range of services that guarantee our clients get the most out of their data, which improves the decision-making process.

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