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HEAP is an advanced platform built for universities that want to maximize their use of data to transform the university into a data driven organization. By using student data, faculty data and other sources of data available to universities, our solution can tap into all that data and come up with insights and recommendations that help improve the overall education experience. 


Pre-Built Reporting Modules

HEAP offers reporting dashboards and insights to the various departments and entities in the university.

student analytics

Focuses on all student aspects such as recruitment, admissions, enrollment, performance, and graduation.

faculty analytics

Focuses on Faculty performance, allocation, credit generation, course and section load and planning.

Financial analytics

Contains all the information about scholarships, financial categories, tuition fees, etc.

Meaningful insights

  • Students

  • Faculty programs 

  • Courses

  • Sections

Pre-Built AI Modules


Student Attrition Prediction Model

To identify students who are most likely to leave the university at the end of the semester and highlight them for action. 


Student Clustering

To create clusters based on the attributes of students. 


Identifying Students at Risk

To identify struggling students and understand the reasons behind poor academic performance. 


Migration Patterns

To identify the reasons behind the departure of members from the student body and predict the status of students in upcoming semesters.


High Achieving Profiles

To identify naturally occurring subgroupings within a stratum and recognize factors that contribute to academic success. 


Section Load Optimization

To predict future load, thus optimizing the allocation of teaching staff to sections.


Transforming education through:

·       Focused programs 

·       Closer follow-ups

·       Better outcomes

·       Continuous learning

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